Remarkable Growth Sees NECC Begin its 'Season One' with More than 400 Teams Competing

MANSFIELD, Mass. - The National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) has officially released more information about it's Year One of competition which began recently. The conference, which recently surpassed 150 colleges and universitites competing, has approximately 3,000 collegiate players throughout North America competing during the fall semester. 

Officially, there are 442 teams competing across the NECC's five core titles: League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, and Valorant. The conference, which offers a unique division structure, currently has 42 divisions across it's five games. Rocket League is currently the conference's most popular title with 142 teams competing this semester. Those 142 teams represent more than 90 colleges and universities.

For a complete breakdown of teams, divisions, and schools competeing by game, please see below 

"The growth has truly been remarkable," said NECC Director Caleb Glube. "We're really appreciative of all the support we've been given and our team has worked very hard to provide the best possible experience for our community."

92 NECC members are currently competing in more than one title during the fall semester and a large number of schools have multiple teams competing in the same game. The conference will also be hosting tournament play in three more titles: Hearthstone, Madden, and Super Smash Bros. with details on those tournaments to be released soon. 

"Ever since we started this effort, our goal was to offer an outstanding competitive conference, not just for a school's 'A' team or 'Varsity' team, but for all the teams that wanted to compete on campus," said NECC Commissioner Jacob VanRyn. "We're really proud of the fact that not only do we have so many schools and teams competing, but that so many of our schools are competing across multiple titles with multiple teams."

NECC Fall Semester Numbers by Game Title (alphabetically)

League of Legends

  • 96 teams
  • 67 schools
  • 9 divisions


  • 83 teams
  • 65 schools
  • 8 divisions

Rainbow Six: Siege

  • 39 teams
  • 32 schools
  • 5 divisions

Rocket League

  • 142 teams
  • 93 schools
  • 12 divisions


  • 82 teams
  • 55 schools
  • 8 divisions

Total Numbers

  • 5 core titles
  • 442 teams
  • 123 schools 
  • 42 divisions
  • Approximately 3,000 players competing 

"It's definitely been a lot of work preparing for the season and getting the divisions set and our schedules created and finalized and there have been some sleepless nights, but it's awesome to see," continued Glube. "We're excited about what we're doing and what we continue to build.


The NECC began sponsoring esports in the fall of 2020. The NECC is currently sponsoring both regular season competition and championships across a wide variety of titles. The conference aims to serve the gaming community with respect and is a safe and inclusive environment. With more than 150 colleges and universities currently competing in the conference, the NECC is proud to be a positive home for the collegiate gaming community. 

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