NECC Registration for Spring 2024 is Now Open

Registration for the Spring Semester of Competition is now LIVE

Registration for the Spring 2024 Semester is now LIVE on LeagueOS - our official competition platform. There are some specific requirements for full teams to get signed up and we will go over those below.

Managers Signup

If you are the one signing up your teams this is for you! Make sure that on the team page your role is set to manager. If it is not set have whoever created the team give you the role and you can start the signup process. When you get to the navigation page you will have a button that say register now. Click that and select the team you wish to sign up (Note: Only teams with the correctly listed activity can register). You will now be prompted with the team registration page with all of your players listed in the middle of the page. On the right side of the players name there is an invite button. Make sure to click that for all members of the team and that will prompt your players to link the required accounts for the game or auto-complete if they already have it done. If you do not make it to any of these steps please create a ticket and let us know what broke.

Team Setup

From the school page, those with permission will go to the teams page and select create team. Whoever clicks this button will have sole admin perms for that team. We are working on a system where the school access permissions will also sync to the teams but for now it is only the team creator that has permission. Once the team is created, navigate to the settings tab and start to customize your teams. We do have a few specific requirements when filling out this section. Those are:


- Team name cannot contain the game you are playing (Ex. Northwood White, Fisher Valorant)
- In the activities box, select what game that team will be playing.

These are the minimum requirements to be able to sign your teams up for a season. You will also now be able to add players from your schools roster to your specific team roster.

Additional Info

Teams may begin filling out the additional features on your teams settings page. The two main sections are the members and availability tabs in team settings. The members tab in settings is where you will add your primary contacts to the team. The availability tab is where you set your preferred times for the season. Make sure to fill these out before the start of the season but the main priority is getting your team registered now.

Remember, people with the "Manager" role are the only ones that are able to signup their entire teams to a season. Any other role will only signup yourself and not the full roster. If you accidently did this, contact an admin and we can delete your submission and do it again. If you have any questions about the system, please submit a ticket and let us know.

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