NECC Announces More Details about 2023-24 Model

For the last three years, the NECC has had a free to play but pay to compete model. Paying teams gained access to Nationals at the end of the year and a handful of additional benefits throughout the year. We are changing this model so every team is eligible for Nationals at the end of the year. 

All programs are now required to pay to compete in the NECC. To participate in 1 game title (ex. Rocket League only) with an unlimited number of teams, it is $500 for the entire academic year. To participate in all of our titles with unlimited teams, it is $1000 for the year. These prices are for the entire academic year for all of our regular season titles. 

Do not worry if these prices look unrealistic for your program. We are committed to working with you and your program to find a sponsor or payment plan that best fits you.

As a result of this model, we will be able to accomplish a lot more for the players and the programs. End of year competition is more likely to have a bigger LAN experience and we will be able to offer more LAN opportunities throughout the year. Programs will get access to incredible streaming packages and overlays. And we will be able to host more games in a full year format

These are just a few ways everyone benefits from this change but we do not want to leave anyone out. Below will outline what this means for the different types of programs.

Varsity Programs

Schools that have a varsity program will have ways to work with us to tailor the experience they want. We want to talk with you and make life within the NECC better for you. 

Club Programs

We want to continue to help club teams participate and grow with the NECC. Please let us know how we can help as we are committed to supporting you any way that we can. 

If there are any questions about payments or setting up a time to chat please open a ticket and we will be able to help. We know that this will be a change for some but we are excited to continue supporting each and every program we are proud to work with this new model. 

Thank you - The NECC Executive Team