NECC Announces Creation of Legends Division for Premier Teams

Legends Division

Our biggest multi-game change this year comes in the form of our Legends division. This year we are creating a place for all the big names of collegiate to compete against each other in what we hope will be the hardest sustained gameplay week-to-week collegiate has to offer.

Our goal for the new Legends format was to create a highly competitive system for the top teams, and start to highlight the best level of gameplay the NECC has to offer.

Fall Entrance into Legends Division

Over the course of the summer the NECC has picked out a select group of teams in each game that will be invited into the first season. This fall semester will be the ONLY semester in which full team invites occur, and will not happen again. There is a chance for invites in future semesters but these invites will not be directly into the legends division.

The NECC is planning on inviting varying numbers to different games, so this format may change depending on that games’ volume. This is focused on the top-level competition, so in certain games that number will fluctuate to make sure it accurately matches what the collegiate scene shows.

If you or your team receives an invite into NECC’s Legends division this year, please let us know asap so we can effectively plan for the season.

In the event your team doesn’t receive an invite, your team can request to fill the last spots in legends through the following link:

Spring Entrance into Legends Division

Taking inspiration from Professional Valorant, ESEA, and European Soccer, we will have a relegation/promotion style format we are calling the Legends Qualification tournament.

At the end of the fall semester, a varying number of teams will compete in this tournament. The bottom teams from Legends Division in each semester will have to compete here to continue if they should stay in Legends, and the top teams from champions will earn their spot into the tournament. The winner of each champions division conference will be guaranteed a spot in this tournament. 

New teams to the NECC may have the ability to attain a Legends Division spot at the start of the spring semester. The NECC will review any new teams that may meet these requirements and invite them into the Legends Qualification tournament if needed.

The Legends Qualification Tournament

There will be three stages to the Legends Qualification tournament. 

The first phase of the tournament will put top champions division teams into a group stage. Your group for each game will have the specific numbers and alternate options in the event more teams are needed. This will be a full group stage, looking for the #1 team in each group to advance to phase 2. 

In the event teams are added to the relegation tournament, the lowest ranking second seed, decided through tiebreakers specific to each game. These will also be found in the rulebook as well. 

After a fair break, stage 2 will begin with teams who have earned their spot through Group Stage 1 and the bottom legends division teams will be added to a second group stage. This format will be a smaller group stage, and will be either GSL or a normal group stage depending on the game. Please consult your rulebook for specifics once it's released.

In stage three, teams will come back the next day to play in one or two rounds of a single elimination bracket to find the final teams vying for placement into Legends Division. 

Season Schedule

Legends Division will follow a similar but different schedule from all our other divisions.

Legends Division Will NOT have to play in Activation.  Aside from the qualification tournament, all other teams can skip this part of the season. One of the biggest complaints we have had over the years is from teams we know at this level where they are going.

Legends Division is MORE LIKELY to have LAN Events each semester. While it may vary based on region the Legends division will have at least Nationals as a LAN event, but it could have as many as 3 LAN events this year, not including if our schools want to put on home and home series’ which has already been talked about. In some cases the NECC may help run those events if possible.

Legends Division WILL BE HARDER ON FORFEITS. As we have heard many times before, forfeits suck. Legends division will be incredibly hard on forfeits and reschedules not done in a timely manner. We want this to be a privilege to play in, and will be spending a lot of time creating value for teams. In the event teams abuse this, there will be much more immediate consequences. 

Season Information Notes

Note that game dates will be on their default game days. 

Playoffs will be double elimination, in the event it is not a LAN event, we are planning on having 2 games a week potentially for schools progressing on the lower side of the bracket.

Any team invited to Legends division will have to note their school breaks for scheduling purposes, matches will be moved in the event teams need it.

There are some events where games in Legends will not be rescheduled.

Please contact Caleb Glube (glub1nator) or Mitch Gilchrist (captainawesome) for more information.

Season Dates Fall

Regular Season: September 17th - November 5th (7 Weeks)
Canadian Thanksgiving Break: October 5th - 9th
American Thanksgiving Break: Nov 20th - 26th

Playoffs: November 12th - December 4th

Season Dates Spring

Regular Season:
January 28th - March 10th

Playoffs: March 17th - April 7th

Expected Legends Division Nationals Dates

At this time an RFP for NECC Nationals is out for targeted dates of Thursday, April 25 - Sunday, April 28. We are also open to exploring the previous week as well (April 18 - April 21). 

If you are looking to host NECC Nationals, you can request a copy of our RFP by emailing

Legends Division Nationals

Legends Nationals will have qualification requirements released in a separate announcement once signups have finalized. Requirements will vary depending on the number of teams invited.