High School Esports Showcase Presented by the NECC, Helix eSports, and Stay Plugged IN

On the heels of its recently-announced partnership with Stay Plugged IN (SPIN), the NECC has announced plans to host its first-ever collegiate esports recruiting event, the High School Esports Showcase later this spring. 

The High School Esports Showcase will be hosted by the NECC, Helix eSports, and Stay Plugged IN. The event will offer players the ability to compete in four titles: Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Valorant. The three-day event will take place June 4-6 at the Helix Esports facility in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

This in-person LAN is for high school and college transfer students to showcase both their in-game and out of game talents to colleges and universities across the country. Also, at the event will be a College Fair, Seminar Speaking Panels, and designated times for parents to gain a better understanding of collegiate esports and the benefits the esports ecosystem can provide. Panelists will consist of college esports representatives, esports industry professionals, and SPIN employees.

More details on the Showcase, including the final schedule of events, the colleges that will be in attendance, and the special guests and prizing will be announce shortly.

“We’re extremely excited to announce our first official recruiting event,” said NECC Commissioner Jacob VanRyn. “One of our main goals in the space is to help NECC members find and connect with the next generation of players so that they are able to grow and develop their rosters, and ultimately, their programs. We’re also proud to include the educational elements as well to the event as that is an important bridge between the high school players and the college programs. I think this will be a great event and it will hopefully be the first of many of these types of efforts we’re a part of going forward.” 

"One of the driving forces at Stay Plugged IN is our commitment to preparing our players for collegiate programs, and to help them find the institutions that best suit their needs," said Rick Suarez, Managing Director at Stay Plugged IN. "Being able to bring the esport athlete to a phenomenal facility to compete in front of recruiters from top-notch colleges is a win for all involved. Having the parents attend to further their knowledge on these schools and esports overall, only strengthens the ecosystem." 

“Helix Esports is thrilled to be hosting such an outstanding event in partnership with Stay Plugged IN and the NECC,” said Tim Edmonds, Director of Strategic Programming at Helix Esports.

“Since our inception, it has been our goal to provide high school esports players with the opportunity to study and compete at the next level, and I cannot think of a better way to do so than by providing an equal playing field on which students will be able to showcase their talents in front of collegiate esports recruiters. We very much look forward to this event at Helix Esports in Patriot Place and hope to provide similar experiences in our other Helix facilities in the near future,” continued Edmonds. 

Stay Plugged IN’s mission is to bridge the gap in collegiate esports recruiting while providing a solid funnel of well-rounded student-athletes. Helix’s Foxboro center is a 13,000 square-foot gaming facility that features more than 100 gaming PCs. It’s located in Patriot Place, adjacent to Gillette Stadium – home of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution.

“One of the consistent things we’ve heard from our programs since we started this effort is how difficult it is to recruit players,” said VanRyn. “We’re trying to help with the ‘pipeline,’ and connect high school players with colleges and universities so that players can continue playing at the collegiate level.”

The NECC, with its more than 90 participating colleges and universities, spans across all of North America. Over the course of the three-day event, players will be able to participate in Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, and Rainbow 6: Siege.

On the first day of the event players will be a part of a SPIN media day and have custom player headshots taken for live stream graphics and to use on their SPIN player profile. Once the player takes their headshot, they will have opportunities to speak with college coaches 1 on 1 at the College Fair and it is followed by opening day Seminar Speaking Panels.

Parents attending the High School Esports Showcase will have the same opportunities to speak with collegiate programs to learn more about the university and college esports as a whole. During the Seminar Speaking Panels, parents will be educated on the esports ecosystem by well-versed industry professionals and college esports representatives. At the conclusion of the seminar, there will be a Q&A portion for additional information.

Colleges will be able to meet the future stars of collegiate esports and get an in-person perspective on their in-game skills and personalities. Each attending college will have the ability to showcase their college programs at the College Fair to the esports athletes and their families so be sure to bring an esports representative and information on admissions to answer any questions! Program representatives will also be granted the chance to speak on the seminar panels to display their knowledge and experience within the esports space.

Attending colleges will have the opportunity to watch and listen live to in-game play in a coaches’ viewing room with team communications included for a deeper look into each player.


Friday, June 4

  • Welcome / Registration
  • Educational Panels
    More info with topics and guests to be announced

Saturday, June 5

  • GameDay – Day 1: Rocket League / Rainbow Six Siege
    Times and schedule to be announced
  • Educational Panels
    More info with topics and guests to be announced

Sunday, June 6

  • GameDay – Day 2: Overwatch / Valorant
    Times and schedule to be announced

The NECC began sponsoring esports in the fall of 2020. The NECC is currently sponsoring both regular season competition and championships across a wide variety of titles. The conference aims to serve the gaming community with respect and is a safe and inclusive environment. With more than 90 colleges and universities currently competing in the conference, the NECC is proud to be a positive home for the collegiate gaming community.

Stay Plugged IN believes in promoting esports for the development of young adults through personalized programs in academia and game play for the betterment of the esports ecosystem. We understand no two students are the same, so each player receives their own customized program based upon their skill sets and future aspirations.

Helix eSports offers world class gaming and virtual reality experiences at state-of-the-art eSports centers throughout the United States. In reimagining the concept of a traditional LAN center or internet café, Helix eSports delivers a professional eSports experience to everyone.  Helix eSports fosters and builds the local eSports community at every level – from youth to high school, to college, and beyond. Whether gamers choose to play, practice and socialize with friends or compete at the highest level, Helix eSports is the premier destination for gamers. Helix eSports owns and operates three eSports centers in the United States today, including the largest center in the USA in North Bergen, NJ and Helix eSports Patriot Place located at Gillette Stadium with the Boston Uprising. Follow Helix eSports globally @helixesportsusa or at Patriot Place @helixesportsfx.