NECC's Super Smash Ultimate Singles to Feature a $10,000 Prize Pool


The National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) announced that their Super Smash Singles will have a $10,000 prize pool ($5,000 each semester) during the upcoming 2023-24 academic year.

To register to compete, please click here

In order to be eligible to compete, all players must register by September 16.

Matches will be held on Monday evenings throughout the fall and spring semesters.

To be eligible to compete in this year's SSU Singles Events: 

  • Players must be full-time enrolled students at their school and in good academic standing.
  • Players must be 18+, if an athlete is under the age of 18, they must have a parent/guardian signature indicating consent to participating in the competition.
  • Players must own/have access to and use the following: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Online Subscription, Smash Ultimate, and LAN Adapter
  • Players must be able to follow all rules and regulations developed by the NECC. This means that if a player fails to comply with any of the NECC rules and regulations, punishments will ensue, including the potential for loss of the ability to compete in the NECC.

Competition will officially begin on Monday, September 18th. For a full breakdown of the schedule for the year, along with prizing payout, please visit this page

Registration Info
  • Cost (includes both semesters): $50 per Student
  • Players must both be in the NECC Discord and have a LeagueOS account in order to participate.

NECC Discord:
LeagueOS Invite:

Prize Breakdown (per semester) 
1st: $1,415
2nd: $1,060
3rd: $710
4th: $495
5th-6th: $282
7th-8th: $142
9th-12th: $71
13th-16th: $47

About the NECC
The NECC has sponsored both regular season competition and championships across a wide variety of popular titles since 2020. With more than 300 colleges and universities currently competing, the NECC strives to be a positive home for the collegiate gaming community.

The NECC fosters innovative competition experiences, provides quality broadcasting services, and works to support an inclusive community within collegiate esports. The NECC was started as a way to provide the collegiate gaming community with the respect it warranted and deserved. The conference prides itself on responding to the needs of its schools, directors, coaches, and most importantly - its players.

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