Big Esports Conference Announces More Information, Schedule for First-Ever Championship LAN



The Big Esports Conference, which is the esports organizing body for the members of the Big Ten Conference, recently announced more information about its upcoming live championship event. The championship LAN will take place Friday, April 12 - Saturday, April 13 and will be hosted by The Ohio State University and Game Arena.

“We’re excited that the Big Esports Conference chose to host the inaugural tournament here at The Ohio State University in our cutting-edge Esports Arena. said Dr. John Price, Esports Manager at Ohio State. "The emergence of these events is a testament to the growing popularity of esports in higher education.”

This marks the first time the membership of the BEC will gather in person at a live event to crown a champion across the four game titles the conference offered during its first year of competition. The conference will be crowning a champion in Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant this weekend.

The championship event will welcome more than 200 competitors to fight for the title of BEC Tournament Champion, and an automatic qualifying bid for CECC Texas next month.

The NECC has served as a supporter of the conference during its first year of competition and will be in attendance to help support the championship event. The Conference also is proud to be the trophy sponsor for the event. 

“The sponsorship and generosity of these sponsors is a testament to how integral this league has been, and will continue to be to both the fans and the students of these universities,” said Kevin Palmer, Assistant Director of Esports at the University of Michigan. “I’ve seen students excited for a lot of different events in this space, but nothing compares to the excitement that surrounds a LAN with 14 Big Ten Universities, all playing for a spot on the biggest stage in collegiate esports.”

For fans watching online, they will be able to catch the action at

The Big Esports Conference was founded as a collaborative effort amongst current Big Ten institutions, and is built on the principles of creating an environment where students can lead and grow as professionals. The Big Esports Conference is also the first officially organized power 5 school conference for esports, that has all members from the traditional conference participating. 

The conference looks to follow many traditions and features that fans are familiar with in traditional sports, such as providing a centralized streaming location for fans to find live and past matches. These streams will be on the Big Esports Conference YouTube Channel, and the streams will be run entirely by students from each participating institution. 

To stay up to date, with the latest Big Esports Conference news, be sure to follow them on their Twitter @BigEsportsConf  

Those interested in sponsorships, or being a part of the inaugural season, may reach out to, to inquire.

The NECC fosters innovative competition experiences, provides quality broadcasting services, and works to support an inclusive community within collegiate esports. The NECC was started as a way to provide the collegiate gaming community with the respect it warranted and deserved. The conference prides itself on responding to the needs of its schools, directors, coaches, and most importantly - its players.

With more than 400 colleges and universities currently competing, the NECC strives to be a positive home for the collegiate gaming community.

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