Smash Singles Season Format

This is a single ticket to compete in smash singles for the year long format.

Welcome to the 2nd year of

NECC Smash Ultimate!


Introducing the largest Collegiate Smash Ultimate Singles Prize Pool!

$10,000 Pot ($5,000 per Semester) *

Matches every Monday after 4 PM EST

(We will schedule specific match times based on your availability. We are also very open to rescheduling your match into the week if necessary!)

To be eligible:

  • Players must be full-time enrolled students at their school and in good academic standing.
  • Players must be 18+, if an athlete is under the age of 18, they must have a parent/guardian signature indicating consent to participating in the competition.
  • Players must own/have access to and use the following: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Online Subscription, Smash Ultimate, and LAN Adapter
  • Players must be able to follow all rules and regulations developed by the NECC. This means that if a player fails to comply with any of the NECC rules and regulations, punishments will ensue, with the potential for loss of the ability to compete in the NECC.

NECC Discord:

LeagueOS Invite:



1st: $1,415
2nd: $1,060
3rd: $710
4th: $495
5th - 6th: $282
7th - 8th: $142
9th - 12th: $71
13th - 16th: $47

*If enough registrants enter NECC Singles.