NECC Announces Partnership with Esport Supply

The National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) announced today it has agreed to a partnership with Esport Supply. Esport Supply is a leader in helping institutions build fully customized esport facilities providing their clients with design, hardware, furniture, software, and support.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Esport Supply,” said NECC Commissioner / CEO Jacob VanRyn. “One of our main focuses over the last 12 months has been working to ensure our member schools have all the tools they need to help their program succeed. Working with the team at Esport Supply provides another way in which our schools can get the best equipment for the best prices for their campus.”

"We are thrilled to partner with the NECC in support of their mission to be the positive home for the collegiate gaming community,” said Esport Supply Founder & Principal Paul Gregory.

“Through this partnership, we aim to create engaging and inclusive spaces for students and to enhance the esports experience across NECC member campuses.”

Esport Supply has collaborated with over 90 institutions across colleges and universities, K-12, military, and private esport facility operators on facility design, procuring top-tier esports gaming PCs, furniture, software, and support. This ensures esports coaches and student leaders have all they need for successful programs.  

The partnership between NECC and Esport Supply aims to deliver quality, custom facilities, and best-in-class equipment to member institutions, helping to elevate their esports programs to the next level.

At Esport Supply, we believe the esports arena is at the heart of any gaming community. We empower Colleges & Universities, K-12, military, and private esport facility owners to connect with communities, create engaging experiences for students, and captivate fans through esports.

Esport Supply Design, Build & Procurement process makes designing the ideal esport facility easy. Esport Supply Support Services are designed to make sure your investment pays off and your community continues to grow over the long term.

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The NECC fosters innovative competition experiences, provides quality broadcasting services, and works to support an inclusive community within collegiate esports. The NECC was started to provide the collegiate gaming community with the respect it warranted and deserved. The conference prides itself on responding to the needs of its schools, directors, coaches, and most importantly - its players. 

With more than 500 colleges and universities currently competing, the NECC strives to be a positive home for the collegiate gaming community.

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